Being the Church in the 21st century: challenges for a young global communion

Being the Church in the 21st century: challenges for a young global communion

Date Time Location Price
Thursday, 10th August 2023 10.00am - 4.30pm Jerusalem Chamber Free, booking required

We ‘proclaim the faith afresh in each generation.’ Are there particular theological and cultural challenges for global Anglicanism? How might we begin to articulate distinctive, faithful answers?


9.30am - Coffee available

10.00am-4.30pm - Seminar

5.00pm - Choral Evensong in the Abbey

Seminar speakers and topics

Getting theological about culture and difference
The Reverend Professor Graham Ward (University of Oxford)

The legacy of colonialism
Dr Muthuraj Swamy (Church of South India; Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide)

Dealing with politics
The Reverend Dr Simon Cuff (Church of England)

Many cultures, many faiths
Dr Catrin Williams (Church in Wales)

The challenge of contextual theology
The Reverend Professor Jeremiah Yang (Sheng Gong Hui University, Korea) 

Ecumenical perspective
The Reverend Dr Hanns Lessing (Evangelical Church of Westphalia; Executive Secretary for Communion and Theology, WCRC)

About this event

In partnership with the Anglican Communion Office, this event is part of a series of international ecclesiology day-long seminars occasioned by the forthcoming Lambeth Conference. Each day will focus on a specific theme related to Anglican identity, and the nature and mission of the Anglican Communion in the twenty-first century.


To apply for a place at one or more of these seminars, please email [email protected] with your name, reason for interest, and contact details. Places are strictly limited.

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