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Coronations at the Abbey

Ahead of the coronation in May you will have the chance to discover everything about coronations – the history, the faith, the people, the objects and the church at the heart of it all.

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HM The King

HM The King

The King's Coronation
A girl paints an image of Westminster Abbey



A history of coronations

The crowning of a new monarch has taken place at Westminster Abbey since 25 December 1066 In that time, 38 coronation ceremonies have taken place and 39 monarchs have been crowned.

About Coronations

About Coronations

Here are some answers you may have about coronations

About coronations
A brief history of coronations

A brief history of coronations

Read about the history of coronations, including details of Elizabeth II's coronation

Coronations at the Abbey
Monarchs crowned at the Abbey

Monarchs crowned at the Abbey

Discover more about the Kings and Queens who have been crowned at the Abbey

Abbey kings and queens
The Coronation Chair on a stepped wooden podium surrounded by gold-fringed red curtain in St George's Chapel, Westminster Abbey

The Coronation Chair

26 monarchs have been crowned in this historic 700 year-old chair

About the Coronation Chair
Drawing of Matilda, wife of Henry I, wearing a crown and holding a charter with a wax seal

Queen consorts of the Abbey

Find out about the lives of each of the Abbey consorts

Consorts' stories
Coronation Ticket Westminster Abbey Sep. 22: 1761 - George III and Queen Charlotte depicted in Westminster Abbey

Things you didn't know about Coronations

Explore lesser-known stories

Crowning facts and stats

The King's coronation

The coronation of HM King Charles III will take place at the Abbey on Saturday 6th May.

Visiting the Abbey

Visiting the Abbey

Find out information about visiting the Abbey and when we will be closed for preparation.

Visiting FAQs

Coronation in 10 objects

Each of the objects featured tells a different story about coronations at the Abbey. Explore each piece and how it relates to crowning a monarch.

Special coronation events

Coronation exhibition

Coronation exhibition

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Coronation tour

Coronation tour

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A scone, cut in half and topped with jam and clotted cream on a white plate

New coronation menu

Enjoy a special coronation-themed breakfast or lunch from 12th March.

Dine with us

More events at the Abbey

Find out about our range of special Coronation-themed tours, family events, talks and more. These events will run throughout most of the year.

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Coronations: Learning and Family

A girl paints an image of Westminster Abbey

Coronation club

Our club will have lots of exclusive videos, guides and activities for all the family to join in with

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A lady shows a boy how to make a remembrance poppy wreath

Teaching resources

We have a range of coronation-themed resources for Key stage 2 and key stage 3 students.

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Coronation shop

It’s very hard not to be enthusiastic working at the Abbey. If this place doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

Valerie - Foundation Director

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