Coronations at the Abbey

The Coronation of HM King Charles III takes place at the Abbey on Saturday 6th May. Discover here about the significance of coronations and how you can join us to celebrate this historic occasion.

A history of coronations

The crowning of a new monarch has taken place at Westminster Abbey since 25 December 1066 In that time, 38 coronation ceremonies have taken place and 39 monarchs have been crowned.

Coronations explained

Coronations explained

Find out about this ancient ceremony, its meaning and significance

What is a coronation?
History of coronations

History of coronations

From William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II, find out about coronations at the Abbey

Read a brief history
Monarchs crowned

Monarchs crowned

Learn about the life and times of the Kings and Queens who have been crowned at the Abbey.

Kings and Queens
The Coronation Chair on a stepped wooden podium surrounded by gold-fringed red curtain in St George's Chapel, Westminster Abbey

The Coronation Chair

Discover more about the centrepiece of coronations for over 700 years.

The Chair's history

The King's coronation

The Coronation is a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry.

Coronation in 10 objects

Each of the objects featured tells a different story about coronations at the Abbey. Explore each piece and how it relates to crowning a monarch.

Things to see and do

We’ll be announcing soon how you can visit the Abbey for coronation-themed events including tours, talks, teas and other special events.

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A scone, cut in half and topped with jam and clotted cream on a white plate
Marilynne Robinson giving a lecture at Westminster Abbey in 2017

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Learning and family fun

Learning and family fun

Explore our range of coronation activities, learning resources, videos and more, whether you're at home or in the Abbey.

Coronations for families and schools