Abbot Walter

Walter of Winchester was Abbot of Westminster from 1175, having previously been prior at Winchester. He died on 27th September 1190 and was buried in the south cloister of Westminster Abbey "before the first bench from the cymbalum (bell)". Nothing marks his grave today but the inscription was recorded as (translated from the Latin):

You who rest here, Abbot Walter, indeed came from outside but you were never an outsider

He had a brother Alexander and his nephews were Walter of Downton and Adam. He obtained from Pope Alexander III the right to use the dalmatic, tunic and sandals at the Abbey. Proceeds from the manor of Paddington were assigned to the almoner and on his anniversary loaves, wine, cheese and ale were to be given out for the monks and guests at dinner in the refectory. And all those entering the gate of the monastery on that day would be provided with food and drink and hay and fodder for their horses. Extra food was also to be supplied to the nuns at Kilburn.


Abbot; priest/minister


South Cloister

Abbot Walter
Abbot Walter charter with seal

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