Anne Bracegirdle

Anne Bracegirdle, actress and singer, is buried in the east cloister of Westminster Abbey. The stone has been re-cut and reads:

ANNE BRACEGIRDLE died 12 September 1748 aged 85 years

She was the daughter of Martha Furniss and Justinian Bracegirdle and was baptised in Northampton in 1671. As a young girl she was placed in the care of Thomas Betterton, actor, and his wife and she started performing in 1688. She was popular playing "breeches" parts but also did Shakespeare and William Congreve wrote plays for her. Thomas Betterton and Mrs Barry acted with her but she retired in 1707. She left money to her nephew Justinian and niece Martha.

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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 2004


12th September 1748




Cloisters; East Cloister

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Anne Bracegirdle
Anne Bracegirdle memorial

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