John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery

John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery was buried in the chapel of St John the Baptist in Westminster Abbey on 28th January 1713. He has no monument but his name was inscribed on the vault stone adjoining the Exeter tomb in this chapel in the 19th century.

He was a son of Richard, 1st Lord Vaughan in the peerage of England and 2nd Earl of Carbery in the Irish peerage, and his wife Frances (Altham). On 18th July 1639 he was baptised at the church of St Dunstan in the West in London and succeeded to his father's titles in 1687. His first wife was Mary Brown of Carmarthen but they had no children. By his second wife Lady Anne Savile, whom he married in 1682, he had a son George who was buried in the Abbey on 7th May 1685 and one daughter Anne, who married Charles Paulet, 3rd Duke of Bolton. He was Member of Parliament for Carmarthen and was knighted in 1661, becoming a Lord of the Admiralty and a President of the Royal Society. From 1674-1678 he was Governor of Jamaica and took tough measures against pirates. So he was always in conflict with his Lt. Governor, ex-pirate Sir Henry Morgan.

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12th January 1713


28th January 1713




Chapel of St John Baptist

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John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery
John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt

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John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery
Earl of Carbery family vaultstone

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