Peter Wellesbourne Kemp-Welch

On the south wall of St Margaret's church Westminster is a memorial window to Peter Wellesbourne Kemp-Welch. This was designed by John Piper as one of a series of stained glass windows which replaced those destroyed during the Second World War. A slate tablet below reads:

This window was given in happy memory of PETER KEMP-WELCH 1907-1964 by his family

During the war he was a temporary Lt. Colonel in the Coldstream Guards. His brother George was killed in the war and his sister was Betty (Kenward). He was known as an excellent rackets player and married Penelope Hunter. His son is Sir John Kemp-Welch. A memorial service was held for him in the church on 24th February 1964.


St Margaret's Church

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Peter Wellesbourne Kemp-Welch
John Piper window, memorial to Peter Kemp-Welch

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