Diana, Princess of Wales

Lady Diana Spencer was born in 1961.


She married Charles, Prince of Wales at St Paul's Cathedral on 29th July 1981. They later divorced. Their son Prince William was married to Catherine Middleton in the Abbey in 2011 and their son Prince Harry was married at St George's chapel Windsor.


Diana, Princess of Wales was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris on 31st August 1997. Her body was returned to lie in the chapel at St James's Palace until the funeral in Westminster Abbey on 6th September. The service was televised and watched by millions of people worldwide. Floral tributes and toys were left at the west gates of the Abbey and the wreaths from overseas heads of state were laid on the green outside the Abbey. Following the service the coffin was taken by road to the Spencer family home at Althorp for a private interment on an island in a lake.

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Funeral Order of Service (PDF, 335 KB)

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1st July 1961


31st August 1997


6th September 1997

Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a red lace and pink dress and pearl and diamond earrings
Diana, Princess of Wales

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The coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales, is carried out of Westminster Abbey
Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales

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