Edward II

Edward was born at Caernarvon in Wales on 25th April 1284, a son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile. He renewed his father's campaign against the Scots but was defeated at Bannockburn in 1314 by Robert the Bruce. He was deposed on 20th January 1327.


Edward II married Isabella of France on 25th January 1308 in Boulogne.


The coronation of Edward and Isabella took place on 25th February 1308 and his coronation oath included a new clause "to uphold the laws and rightful customs which the community of the realm shall have chosen" and he swore to uphold the laws of St Edward the Confessor. English and French nobles attended the magnificent ceremony and the festivities which followed.


Edward was ruthlessly murdered in Berkeley Castle later in 1327 and his body was buried in Gloucester Cathedral.

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25th April 1284


21st September 1327


25th February 1308

Wax seal of Edward II depicting the King seated on a grand throne
Edward II seal

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