Past Institute lectures

Where does wise leadership come from?

In our parliamentary democracy, leaders are not only elected by the people, they are themselves drawn from the people. Popularity, celebrity and media fascination can fuel campaigns more readily than the less glittering virtues of integrity, truthfulness or wisdom. In other walks of public life, the ability to ‘get things done’ can trump those same virtues. But our leaders need to be both from the people and also virtuous, so how is virtue nurtured and cherished in us all? Moral and spiritual character is formed through example and education, honed by good practice, and often assisted by ancient institutions whose critical role in creating a civilised society is not always recognised. Westminster Abbey Institute’s autumn programme Where does wise leadership come from? explores the role of three institutions charged with the people’s moral health.


How does religion nurture wisdom?

Cardinal Luis Tagle and the Venerable Elizabeth Adekunle

How does home nurture wisdom?

Mark Easton and Rebecca Mitchell

How does education nurture wisdom?

Dame Alice Hudson and Detective Chief Superintendent Clayman