James Bringfield

In the north aisle of the nave of Westminster Abbey is an oval memorial tablet to Colonel James Bringfield (or Bringfeild). This shows military trophies, winged cherub heads and his coat of arms: "azure, three pears or" impaling "azure two lions rampant combattant or" for Carter (presumably his wife's family). The inscription reads:

To the memory of ye worthily honoured Colonell James Bringfield born in Abingdon in ye county of Berks.[Berkshire], Equerry to his Royall Highness Prince George of Denmark, Aide de Camp & Gentleman of the Horse to his Grace ye Duke of Marlborough (the victorious general of her Majestys forces beyond the sea), who, while he was remounting his Lord upon a fresh horse, his former fayling under him, had his head fatally shott by a cannon ball in ye battell of Ramelies on Whitsunday ye 12th day of May in ye year of our Lord 1706, and of his age 50: and so haveing gloriously ended his days in ye bed of honour, lyes interred at Bavechem in the province of Brabant, a principal part of ye English Guards attending his obsequies, where, may his valiant remains rest in peace and ye surviveing fame of his courage, vertue, and true piety (of which this Church was often a witness) live, grow & spread, both here & abroad for ever. This monument was erected by his mournfull & equally loveing & beloved widow Clemence Bringfield 1706.

Clemence married secondly Nicholas Mandell and was buried in the north cloister of the Abbey on 25th November 1710.


12th May 1706





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James Bringfield
James Bringfield memorial

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