The Venerable David Stanton, Sub-Dean, Archdeacon and Canon of Westminster

The Reverend David Stanton

Sub-Dean and Canon Treasurer

David Stanton is Sub-Dean and Canon Treasurer, with oversight responsibility for all financial affairs and all matters relating to the fabric of the Abbey. He is also a Distinguished Friend of Oxford University, Governor at both Westminster School and Westminster University and Independent member of the Public Services Honours Committee. He was previously Church Commissioner for England, Non-Executive at the Wales Audit Office, Secretary of State Member at the Dartmoor National Park Authority, and Vice Chair of Oxford University Research Ethics Committee (Humanities & Social Sciences Divisions).

He was installed as a Canon of Westminster in October 2013, having served for over 8 years as a Residentiary Canon (Precentor and Pastor) at Worcester cathedral. Throughout this time he was a member of the Cathedral Finance committee, the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches and a national Bishops' Adviser for the assessment and selection of candidates for ordained ministry.

Between 1990-2005 he was an Incumbent in the diocese of Exeter and at various times Vocations Chaplain (10 years), Rural Dean (7 years), Warden of Readers (7 years), University Chaplain (5 years) and Diocesan Director of Ordinands (2 years).

He holds Master's degrees from the universities of St Andrews and Exeter and maintains a professional attention to both financial markets and the conservation of historic buildings. His other interests include the arts, cricket and fly-fishing. He is married with two daughters.