Photograph of the Last Supper within a stained-glass window in Westminster Abbey's Chapter House, representing the theme of Lent and Easter

Lent and Easter

Lent and Easter can be times of reflection, hope and new beginnings for communities all over the world. Take on the kindness challenge in our Lent series and discover more about Easter at Westminster Abbey.

Photograph of a stack of pancakes on a plate, on a table with a blue and white checkered tablecloth within a garden at Westminster Abbey

What is Lent?

Do you enjoy eating pancakes? Or celebrating Carnival or Mardi Gras? Discover what they have to do with Westminster Abbey and the Christian season of Lent.

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Still from Easter film representing the symbols in art, architecture and acts of worship which represent the story of Easter in the Abbey.

Easter at Westminster Abbey

Uncover the symbols in art, architecture and acts of worship at Westminster Abbey which remind us of the story of Easter.

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Photograph of Isaac Newton statue in Westminster Abbey, representing the Give it Up video

Admire & inspire: Give it up

Find sparks of inspiration in stories from the Abbey in our Lent kindness challenge. What could you give up for someone else?

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Illustration of young girl looking and pointing down
Photograph of the College Garden within the walls of the Abbey precincts, representing the Act Natural theme

Admire & inspire: Act natural

Let your kindness blossom and your inspiration bloom as you discover the work of Octavia Hill. How will you care for the planet?

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Photograph of memorial to singer Jenny Lind, representing the Young Voices video

Admire & inspire: Young voices

Create harmony in the world, taking some inspiration from singer Jenny Lind. How will you use your talents to help others?

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Visiting the Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a brilliant place for families to visit. There are animals to spot and stories to discover as you walk round. With over 3,000 people buried and remembered in the Abbey, there really is something for everyone to get excited about.

We run family activities on a variety of themes on Saturdays throughout the year and during local school holidays too. Explore the Abbey and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries with help from our exciting family trails.