Metropolitan Police Roll of Honour

In the nave of Westminster Abbey is a Roll of Honour book for members of the Metropolitan Police who died in the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 wars. A memorial service for the officers and constables who died in the Great War was held in the Abbey on 17th May 1919 and this service paper includes all the names.

The book was dedicated by King George VI at a special service held on 27th July 1950. It contains the names of 1,076 officers (374 names in the first section and 702 in the second including regulars and auxiliaries) who lost their lives during the two wars either whilst serving in the Forces or as a result of enemy action at home. The title page shows the Metropolitan Police badge in burnished platinum, blue and crimson. The dedication reads:

To the Glory of God and in proud Remembrance of Members of the Metropolitan Police, Metropolitan Special Constabulary and Metropolitan Police War Reserve who lost their lives on active service or by enemy action this Book is humbly dedicated.

On the next page is a wreath of blue oak leaves and London Pride. The ribbons and words "The Glorious Dead" are in gold and the words above and below the wreath are an extract from the oath made by each constable on joining the Force. Against each name the Division to which each Officer was attached at the date of death is given. Interspersed thoughout are various coats of arms for the counties or boroughs within the Metropolitan Police District as well as colour-wash drawings of famous landmarks and buildings including the Abbey, Buckingham Palace, New Scotland Yard and the Houses of Parliament. At the end of the Roll is a drawing of the Cenotaph in Whitehall surrounded by a laurel wreath studded with gold.

The decorations and miniatures are by Dorothy Hutton and the laying and burnishing of the gold and platinum was done by Vera Law. The dark blue binding is by Sydney Cockerell. The case which holds the roll is in English brown oak designed by Edward Barnsley with the inscription:

1914-1918 Metropolitan Police 1939-1945.

Further Reading

The service paper from a memorial service for the officers and constables who died in the Great War 17th May 1919 (PDF, 1MB)



Metropolitan Police Roll of Honour
Metropolitan Police Roll of Honour

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