Icons at Westminster Abbey

Two icons were dedicated in the nave on 25th March 1994. You can see them displayed on pillars not far from the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

The nave of Westminster, the Grave of the Unknown Warrior in the foreground and two Icons on pillars

The nave, with the icons on opposite pillars

We introduced them to provide a prominent Christian symbol, reminding visitors of the Abbey’s main function as a working and worshipping Church. They also create a point where visitors can light votive candles (first introduced during the period before the Gulf War in 1990) and say prayers.

The two panels, made of egg tempera and gold on wood by Russian artist, Sergei Federov (born in 1958), represent the Mother of God with the Christ Child and Christ himself. They bear the features of an 11th-century Byzantine style of painting.

Icon painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus

Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Icon painting of Jesus Christ

Icon of Christ

An icon of St Edward the Confessor was dedicated on 13th October 2019. This is by Archimandrite Zinon and is made of egg tempera on a lime board framed in oak.