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A separate charitable trust has been established to assist in the Abbey's fundraising efforts – The Westminster Abbey Trust. You can make a donation to the Trust to support the Abbey's work by clicking one of the buttons below. This will take you to a separate website.

The Great Sacristy reimagined

The Great Sacristy reimagined

We are constructing a new building on the footprint of the medieval Great Sacristy. The building will be home to welcome, security and ticketing facilities and will provide accessible entry to the Abbey for all. It will allow visitors to see the Abbey as it really is: a House of God and a House of Kings.

Improve our welcome
Westminster Abbey choristers rehearse in the Song School

Music and choir school

From 10th century monks’ plainsong to today’s choral services with our acclaimed choir and organists, music has always resonated throughout the Abbey. Our historic choir school was founded in the 16th century under Henry VIII and provides a quality education programme for our 36 young choristers.

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Exterior of Westminster Abbey

Conservation and care

The Abbey has been here since medieval times. You can help us protect its historic fabric and care for our collection of rare treasures which include sculpture, paintings, manuscripts, rare books and royal effigies.

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Congregants drinking from communion cups at the Maundy Thursday service in Westminster Abbey

Our mission

Daily services are at the heart of Abbey life. Your generous gift can help us continue to be a special place of pilgrimage, prayer and worship.

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The clock tower of St Margaret's Church, Westminster

St Margaret's Church

Located between Westminster Abbey and The Houses of Parliament, and commonly called The Parish Church of the House of Commons, St Margaret’s has witnessed many historic events. Your support can help us preserve its place within the Abbey’s history and grounds.

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General donations

General donations

You can make a general donation that will go where it’s needed most. We don’t receive any funding from the Church, the Crown or the Government so your donation can make an important difference.

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