George Fascet

George Fascet, Abbot of Westminster, is buried in St John the Baptist's chapel in Westminster Abbey. His altar tomb of stone, with a four-centred arch acting as a canopy, shows panels with his coat of arms - "Gules, three swords, hilts to the centre, between three ermine tails". Other shields show the arms of St Peter, the Abbey and St Edward the Confessor. His monogram is shown along the ledge at the top and a grate protects the monument, which has no effigy, on the aisle side. The inscription was originally on the edge of the slab but it can no longer be read. In a guidebook of 1600 the first few lines of Latin were still readable.

George entered the monastery at Westminster in 1472-1473 and became treasurer and warden of the manors of Richard II and Henry V and was elected Prior. He was warden of the new building work in the nave and gave some of his own money to this. In 1498 he became Abbot and died in the late summer of 1500.




Chapel of St John Baptist

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George Fascet
Abbot Fascet tomb

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