Thomas Blagge

Colonel Thomas Blagge was buried in the north transept of Westminster Abbey in November 1660. His plain black marble memorial on the wall was taken away when Admiral Vernon's (died 1757) was erected in its place. He was a groom of the bedchamber to Charles I and Charles II. The eldest son of Ambrose Blagge of Suffolk by his first wife Martha (Barber) he was baptised at Horningsherth on 13th July 1613. As a colonel of a regiment of foot he distinguished himself at the defence of Wallingford castle and was Governor of Yarmouth and Languard fort. In 1641 at St Bride's church in London he married Mary (died 1671), daughter of Sir Roger North. A daughter Margaret married Sidney, Earl of Godolphin.

The inscription on the monument was recorded in a history of the Abbey in 1723 and the Latin can be translated:

Thomas Blagg Esqr. descended of an ancient and noble family in the county of Suffolk, a person endowed with great excellencies of mind and body, to which he added the useful parts; famous in war and peace, trusted and esteemed among the first by K.Charles I & II by both of whom he was nominated into the honourable attendance in the bedchamber. He did great service in war, especially when Governour of the castle of Wallingford, which after the others were even all taken, he long and briskly held out; nor would withdraw the garrison till the King commanded him. He suffered very much likewise for the King's cause while in a long exile. Often taken a prisoner in his country, he in every place showed an extraordinary example of obstinate fidelity. For which merits, after the King's happy Restoration, he was made colonel of a troop of guards and Governor of Yarmouth and the garrison of Langerfort. He died, greater honours waiting for him, had not untimely death prevented. And he left his Prince (to whom in his troubles he firmly adhered) now in his prosperity and when he was in a condition to reward him. He died devoutly and as a Christian, Nov 4 1660 in the 47th year of his age


4th November 1660




North Transept

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Thomas Blagge
Thomas Blagge

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